Ridgeway District Community Outreach:

Having a event that you would like us to help out with? RDVRS is always willing to be a good neighbor! Anytime that you need our help or would like us to participate in an event sponsored by your organization please feel free to contact us. With enough notice we can be part of anything you need us to be

Please see the Contact Us page for more information about contacting a member of RDVRS

RDVRS is committed to prevention as well as expert intervention as regards medical emergencies

In addition to its role in responding to medical emergencies, the RDVRS also understands the importance of providing prevention-oriented educational programs to the elderly, adults, children and families as a means to help residents prevent avoidable medical emergencies. Additionally, RDVRS teaches residents how to initially respond to medical emergencies while awaiting the arrival of the RDVRS emergency service team. The organization offers CPR classes and programs in community-based locations, covering such topics as child safety seat use, home safety tips and basic first aid instruction, etc.

RDVRS is a vital resource for children, the elderly, families & others

RDVRS knows both from its own experience as well as that of other rescue squads that prevention education can mean the difference between a life-threatening emergency or not, particularly as pertains to hazardous chemicals, child safety at home and in the car, etc. Indeed, it is because of the positive difference prevention can make that RDVRS volunteers devote considerable time to community education activities.

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